Riobel's R23 Valve System

Precision engineered in Canada, Riobel own the patent to the revolutionary R23 thermostatic / pressure balance valve, which is used on all of our 1244 and 323 shower kits.

This innovative design offers the best of both worlds: stabilising water pressure for steady temperature performance even in the event of a 50% drop in pressure.

Temperature control, flow control and divert options are all controlled from the same beautifully designed trim, making it effortless to use and guaranteeing a luxurious shower experience every time.

R23 Features:

“Set and forget” temperature memory.

No separate shut-off or diverter valve is required.

Service valves allow easy access for the installer.

Test cap, enabling the installer to test valve connections.

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Installing the R23

The R23 is easy to install and offers a host of acclaimed features. Watch our installation guide to learn more. 

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