Compliance & Certifications

Many Riobel products are KIWA UK, KIWA NL and DVGW approved. Please see certifications and corresponding products below.

KIWA 2308728: GS00-EM, GL01-EM, PXL01-EM, PXS00-EM, PBL01-EM, PBS00-EM, VYL01-EM, VYS00-EM

KIWA 2308729: VY08-EM, PX08-EM, PB08-EM

KIWA K110291-01: PX08-EM, PB08-EM, VY08-EM

KIWA K110292/01: GL01-EM, GS00-EM, VYL01-EM, VYS00-EM, PBL01-EM, PBS00-EM, PXL01-EM, PXS00-EM

KIWA K0212981/01: R4364-EM, R4365-EM, R468-EM, R488-EM, R495-EM

KIWA K-0212980/01: TGS23-EM, TGS44-EM, TPXTQ23-EM, TPXTQ44-EM, TVY23-EM, TVY44-EM, TPB23-EM, TPB44-EM

KIWA-23-DW-10357: GL01-EM, GS00-EM, PBL01-EM, PBS00-EM, PXL01-EM, PXS00-EM, VYL01-EM, VYS00-EM

DW-6501DO0025: PB08-EM, PX08-EM, VY08-EM

DW-6506DN0539: GLO1-EM, GS00-EM, PXL01-EM, PXS00-EM, VY01-EM, VYS00-EM, PBL01-EM, PBS00-EM